Thursday, May 22, 2008

What A Difference

What a difference a little TLC makes in a house. We've bought this house with the intention of doing a good bit of work to it. (I knew our first house wasn't going to be my "dream house" if you now what I mean!) We painted the inside and laid hardwoods before even moving in. But we waited to do other things that could be done while living in it. Like the yard, painting the outside of the house (yikes), and the basement (carpet and paint - it's already finished).

October 2006

May 2008

Recently we Robert put a little pine straw in the beds in front of the house and it makes such a huge difference. And it's such a cheap fix too!! I told him (amazed by the difference) "I wonder who thought of picking up the pine straw after it fell to the ground, gathered it up, and decided to use it in landscaping!"

There is still so much to do but it's been kind of a "as the $$ is available" thing. Really what we've done so far hasn't cost much. I mean, pulling up the "christmas tree" in the front yard was free - and it made a HUGE difference. And since Robert paints, painting the house cost $1,000's less than it would have to hire a painter! Just a little hard work on Saturdays has really paid off! Great job babe!


  1. The after picture reminds me of that commercial where the people are covered in mud and then they smile - and you hear the "ding"!

    Your house is NOW the Sparkly Ding smile! :) hee hee

    Great job Robert!! The paint job really makes the house look complete - and that tree was really distracting too (but with the before paint job - it needed a distraction!!) :)


  2. WOW!!! i never thought the house looked "bad" but it looks so fabulous now!!! great job!


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