Monday, May 5, 2008

Not Good

I've lost my camera. Actually, I'm not sure I would call it lost because it is somewhere on our property. We know we last saw it around 6:00 pm Friday night. Then Saturday afternoon, we couldn't find it. I mean, I have crawled around on my hands and knees around this house looking for it.

We're thinking that I pulled a stunt like this :

You know the one where you mindlessly put something up and it's in the TOTALLY wrong spot! That's where I put away my coffee creamer the other morning. Didn't find it until that afternoon when I was going to get a cup of water!! My mind is MUSH!

SO...we're praying and searching. Every day that goes by, it gets a little harder to remember the events of that night!! I mean, it's SOMEWHERE around here....

I've looked in the most inconspicuous places I can think of - the refrigerator, toy boxes, pantry, bathroom drawers, ANY room that I'm in, I've got my eyes peeled.

I can't concentrate on anything else but finding this camera! It's consuming me!

Well, I'm going to continue to search in the most random of places.

Say a little prayer for us!! :-)


  1. Doesn't that drive you crazy??? Today at CVS, I managed to lose my coupons (the lady finally found them for me), then I lost my check card (I dropped it in the floor of the store). I can feel your pain!
    I just said a prayer for you. Hopefully it will turn up soon! :)

  2. Doesn't Motherhood make you feel a little nuts from time to time. When simple tasks, like finding something, can make you feel like you've lost your mind!

    I think you should put your mini-detectives on the case and they may help you find it. Have you looked under the sofa?? In the cushions?? Usually, after I've torn the house to pieces looking for something - I find it in or under the stinking sofa!

    Blessings and prayers for you!

  3. I keep checking to see if you've updated saying you've found it. I know that's driving you crazy! I am praying you will find it soon.


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