Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Not Yet

No camera yet. It's quite crazy. We can track it down until around 6:30 Friday night. And Saturday afternoon - we noticed it was gone!

You see, I've been trying this new thing out. COMPLETELY clean up the house (and vaccuumming) before going to bed! We put away anything that is out of place - the kids help out. That way, we wake up to a fairly clean house the next morning! Good idea, huh.

The thing is, I think that I've taken on this mindset SO seriously, that I'm apparently putting things away TOO well.

I'm sure I've shoved it into some inconspicuous place or the kids have "hid" it away in some toy I haven't come across yet.

I just hope it doesn't take moving to find the stinkin' thing!!! I should also mention that it's in a bright blue camera case - done on purpose so that it would be easy to find!

Thank goodness Robert won another digital camera at one of our fund raiser events we hit up not too long ago! It's a pretty nice camera. So at least we still have a way of documenting LIFE!!

I feel like I have turned over every piece of furniture we own. I even cleaned out and reorganized my armoir in my bedroom!! I've looked behind the washing machine and dryer! I've looked through the grass in the backyard! Who knows where it's going to turn up.

It's really messing with my head. I hope we find it soon.

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