Monday, May 12, 2008


I think everyone needs a break from their blog once in a while. I guess I just didn't have much to say. We've also had some personal drama. :-)

We had a great Mother's Day. I loved all the drawings and gifts from my kiddos! It gets better every year.

We also had a great weekend. We did a TON some spring cleaning. We went room by room and cleaned out closets and dusted from top to bottom. As tired as I was, it felt good to get the whole house and yard cleaned up. And that's when we found the camera too! Very excited about that.

Lillian started walking. Well, she started taking steps a couple of weeks ago. Now she's really into it. She still falls a bunch but it so cute to see her walk on her tiny feet. Not to mention she's barely 2 feet tall! But she stands constantly! It's very sweet.

Landon has been staying dry in his bed overnight some nights. BIG plus. I'm ready to get him completely out of diapers. But sometimes we still put one on him.

Olivia's almost done with her first year of school. She's enjoyed it so much. So have I. :-) I'm looking forward to a fun summer. I'm checking out a bunch of summer programs for her. She's especially looking forward to going back to S.H.I.P (Summer Happiness In Play) this year. A cute summer program that I went to when I was a kid - and the teacher is still there!! She's old enough to do some VBS's. :-) I'm looking into that too.

Robert's been blessed with some very lucrative side jobs. The $ is tempting but I start to miss him after a while! But I know he's doing it for our well-being. He is an incredible provider!

He was a machine this weekend! Not only did he help me clean the ENTIRE house (and I was exhausted after that!), he cleaned out the entire garage, vacuumed out his truck and my car, and washed them both. Oh, and cut the front and back yard! We were very productive this weekend. Good thing we have a fun weekend at the lake this weekend! We need some play time!

Well, that's what has been going on here. Off to run errands!!

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  1. What's "Summer Happiness In Play"?
    I've never heard of it.


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