Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kick Off To Summer

Well, school is out, the pools are open, and summer is officially in full swing!!! Most moms probably dread summertime knowing their kids are out of school. I sure I'll have my days. BUT, I've managed to find many (mostly free) activities and events to attend over the course of the summer. I also have many school books to go through with Olivia this summer that I'm really looking forward to!

But first off, we had a great Memorial Day!!! Full of cooking out and swimming!!!

Lillian chowin' down on hot dogs and watermelon!!! She wouldn't sit down.....silly girl.

Little bit of jumpin'!

Some summer lovin'! (Landon's eyes were hurting him so he wouldn't look at me directly!)

Some swimmin'!

And some ice cream sweets!!

She knew immediately when we handed out the ice cream sandwiches that she was missing out. So we gave her one, and of course, she loved it. Just part of the gang!! (the face she is making is her saying 'cheese'!!)

Then we kicked summer off with a birthday party and some park fun!!

Landon is "riding in the back with daddy" he said!!! Just chillin'!!

She loved the park...she was so excited she almost didn't know what to do!

Our summer is going to consist of a few vacation bible schools, free summer movies, summer reading (Olivia is especially excited about this), free library programs, and the LAKE and BEACH!!!

I hope everyone else's summers are shaping up as fun as ours!!!


  1. Sounds (and looks) like lots of FUN!
    We'll definitely be heading to the lake a lot this summer (LOVIN' that it's FULL! Yipee!!!).
    Now that Tristan's out of school, I'm going to have to get him out and doing some fun things. I'm sure I'll be doing lots of juggling with my time!
    We're planning to try to hire someone part-time at the office so that I'll only have to work in the mornings. My afternoons will be free to play with the boys. Can't wait!!! Hopefully it will happen soon. :)


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