Tuesday, May 13, 2008

She Wishes

Sometimes I feel so bad for Lillian. Olivia and Landon are old enough to be sent outside by themselves with frequent checking in. But I can't let Lillian outside by herself....yet. There are some times where I send the kids outside in order to get something accomplished inside the house. Like.......ironing!!! (i.e. the bain of my existence!)

I know she loves being outside but she just isn't old enough yet to be out there by herself!

Love those cute fat little legs!

BUT, when I do let her loose outside....she has a BLAST!

Like, trying to get into the barbie jeep all by herself!

Or.....being pushed in the car by her big sister! Or.........

Hammering away with her big brother!

She is so happy when she is outside!

Sweet girl!

We love you Lillian!! You're growing up so fast!


  1. How cute! We had fun today. I LOVE the pic of her leaning into the jeep...so precious!

  2. Those little feet are too sweet! I am glad your weekend was so productive!! I know you needed that! More than anything - I hope this coming weekend is full of rest for you!!



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