Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Had An Awesome Time

I'm sure you are all dying to know how my first weekend away went. Well, it was great. Here are a few highlights!!!

Lacey and I at the beach all day Saturday. It's amazing how easy it is to go to the beach without kids...all I had was my big beach bag and my chair. I kept thinking, "Am I missing something?!?" (yes, the beach toys, cooler, change of clothes, beach towels for everyone, umbrella, snacks, kids sunscreen, hats, juice cups, diapers, wipes, noodles, rings, the children....ok, you get the point)

My sis, Lacey, and I at dinner at Cosmos Saturday night! YUM...I got the blackened grouper!

Now, we're at the Florabama...or "Redneck Riviera" as they call themselves. This is the ring toss. Lacey and I are pretty good at this game since we've had it at the lake house since we were 7. It's a ring on a string that you swing to a hook! The less times you have to swing it, the better you are. We were hittin' it on the first or second try all night...... :-)

All the girls I was with all weekend!! We had SO much fun!!!

This is.........well..........it's the Florabama.......yes, those are bras strung on a string.......it's really a place you have to experience in person. Truly unique....in many ways. You see an amazingly broad range of interesting folks.

Last night there! We're leaving at a time I don't even want to admit! But hey....I wasn't going to have little bodies crawl in my bed at 6:30 am........... :-). Got to sleep in a little bit!

Oh, and Robert did outstanding. I came home to a clean house and kids that were asleep! He also had time to sand, stain, and polyurethane my bedside table that desperately needed some help! WOW! He also took them to the zoo on Saturday! Thanks babe for taking care of things while I was gone! Love You!


  1. I have a new appreciation for what you do. My attitude this weekend wasn't, "I'm gonna prove I can do this!", rather, it was, "try and follow Lindsay's example". I didn't want to eat out every meal, or slack on normal house stuff you're ALWAYS doing, or hunker down all weekend. I really just wanted to make sure that I was living a day in your shoes. I actually enjoyed it, the task oriented aspect. The planning and the follow through. What I need to get better at is the emotional aspect, the teaching. I will say that it took me at least an hour to get everyone ready and out the door with each adventure. I don't think I'm ready to quit my day job.

  2. WOOHOO!!! YAY you! I saw Robert and he seemed to have things under control!

    I am so glad you had a fun time!


  3. SO glad you had fun!:)
    FloraBama...been there. It definitely is the "Redneck Riviera". :):):)
    Great job, Robert!

  4. so glad you got a weekend to yourself!!!
    and regarding your comment on my post....i think one surprise blessing is plenty for us :)


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