Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Good Times

A few highlights.........

Enjoyed baby Lillian's first boat ride/life jacket experience.....

Clearly, she loved it.....

Again, loving the beautiful day and wind in her hair hat....

Would have been cuter with the hair out of Landon's face...but I guess you can't help it when your flying across Parker's Creek.

Wow...one of the few family pics!! :-) Yay.

Sitting together while enjoying the mach 3 speeds of the boat!

Got a little relaxation in........

And a little work - Robert crawled under the house to wire outdoor speakers!!

Hung out with Uncle Walton!! :-)

And played a little Nintendo Wii - this is the new Mario cart.......very fun by the way. It has a new function where you can play people live all over the world. Pretty cool.

Everyone slept so well.....and played equally hard. I can't wait until the water is even warmer!

It was only a year ago I was 38 weeks waiting for out surprise baby to get here! It's so fun to be able to enjoy the lake with her now.

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  1. There's nothing quite like a fun weekend at the lake. :):)
    Glad you guys had fun and that you posted adorable pics of your kiddos!!!


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