Friday, May 23, 2008

Can I Do This?

Whew...leaving is harder than I expected! I was putting the kids down today and saying goodbye to them, etc.

I got a little knot in my throat saying goodbye to Lillian! Of course, all she wanted to do was go sleep. Then I went to put Landon down. I told him that I would be gone when he woke up, that I was going to see Aunt Lacey. Also telling him he needs to be good for Daddy this weekend and take care of his sisters.

He says, "But Mom (with his arm around me like he could keep me from going), I don't want you to go!"

Me, "But I need to...because I love you!"

He says it again and I asked him, "Why?"

Landon says, "Because you're a great mom!!" ::heart melting:: My mind was saying, 'OK, I'll stay!'

But then I explained that Daddy would be home when he woke up. He quickly responded, "Ok then, go bye bye!"

Wow..that was fast. Glad I'll be missed. :-)

See you Monday!!

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