Friday, June 11, 2010

Beach: Day 4

We did a little catching up on sleep on Day 4.  So we were only on the beach for a few hours.  Then headed out to some fun activities!

We watched the T-6's fly over.  Got me a little teary eyed thinking about Dr. Z because these were his friends.  The plane he was flying at the time of his accident would have been up there too!

We participated in all the "touristy" acitivties!

Even getting into some bird action.

At this point, the guy who manages the birds calls out at Lillian to not touch the birds.  :-)

Two more day!  We're going to make the most of them!


  1. Hi it's me...the total stalker...I hope I'm not freaking you out! I'm just in LOVE with your babies!

    I will find out on Tuesday if I am having a little girl. At 12 weeks they said 80% chance of it being a girl. I have a little boy that is so fun and he is 3. Your girls dresses are making me want this to be a girl SO much!! I really don't care either way, but you dress the girls how I would dress a girl. I'm in love with babies in Feltman outfits and smocking? Get out! I can't get enough!

    I was able to put Hagen in smocked outfits and feltman until he was 2 and then my hubby cut me off...I need another smocked/feltman fix!!!

    Your photos are beautiful...have a good day!

    Carrie Darney
    McKinney, TX

  2. Beautiful Babies! I'm jealous! I want their tan!

  3. Are you in Destin? We saw a bird man there too.

  4. where did you go to see the birds? we've never been there but it looked fun!


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