Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Proud Mommy Moment #2 of the Weekend

My boy Landon, you know - the kid who wouldn't go in the water last year - wanted to try and ski too. Again, we were fully expecting him to back out at the last minute.

But no.  He jumped on in with Daddy!  And got up!!!!  Not for long, but he got up!

Pulling the skis in and ready to put them on....

Remember he's FIVE!  Just naturally very athletic!

He just popped up!

He didn't go at it quite as much as Olivia, but did get in on several different occasions to give it a shot!

Of course, a video clip!!  It's a short one.  ;-)

Daddy Doc let Landon take over the boat for quite a while.  He sat up so he could see the other boats.  He wasn't allowed to touch the throttle, but he steered quite well.

Look at him GO!

He takes this job very seriously.

The whole weekend these surprise rain showers would just pop up.  During one of them, the kids let some noodles go and we made them go and get them before they got out too far.....I think Landon LOVED it.

Another proud mommy moment for me!! So happy Landon trusted Robert and the boat and gave it his all and tried to ski!! We'll keep working all summer long until he gets it.  Maybe next summer wake boarding???  I see little ones all the time on the lake wake boarding!  We like to start them young over here!!


  1. I am so impressed by both of them! I'm terrible at water skiing! How fun.

  2. WOW! I'm really impressed by both of them! I remember so vividly learning to ski behind my grandpa's pontoon boat. All 13 of us grandkids learned on the big red skis...they had a rope that kept them together that looked like an "8". Still have those skis...plan on hanging them up in Grandpa's lake house.

  3. I'm very impressed! I don't even think I could attempt to water ski! Olivia's face is priceless in her pics...she looks VERY focused!


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