Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Last Day

The last day at the beach we tried to spend AS MUCH time on the beach as possible.  And luckily that was possible due to the pool unexpectedly draining and it didn't fill back up until around 6:00 p.m.!!

And we didn't come in from the beach until 7:30 or so!  We love being on the beach until the sun sets!

The kids tried to catch a fish.  Robert gave it a shot with a snorkel until after 2.5 seconds he became sea sick.  For real.  :-)

Baywatchin' it through the water - and ::GASP::  BOWLESS!!!  It killed me all morning.  We immediately put one in at lunch time!

Two of my handsome boys!

3/4's of my kids.  Don't they look like they love me!?

And Landon, you know - the child who wouldn't go near water a month ago - apparently thought boogie boarding was too easy and took up skim boarding.  Crazy I tell ya!  Crazy!

Such a natural athlete!  Can't wait to see him in the big leagues!

This was the first year at the beach that I didn't go in early, get everyone dressed and go out for nice beach pics.  I just didn't have the energy!  So we just stayed in our bathing suits!  I figured I got enough cute ones throughout the week. 

But I did try and get in some pictures with just me and Robert.  But HE decided to turn it into a comedy show instead.

He treaded on thin ice with this move.  Yeah, like all one hundred and ***** lbs of me is THAT hard to pick up.  Like I was gonna post my weight.  ;-)

I think I'll keep him though.

Yeah, he's a keeper.

We played baseball  - which is pretty fun in the sand. 

Finally at the end of the evening I just put Rhodes down and let him have at it.  All he wanted to do all week was get into it!  We had one sandy little baby after this!  He totally didn't mind having it all over his face either!

He had the beach to himself!!

It was a great week!  I don't know if I could have handled another day.  All the up/down, up/down, bathing suits on/off, on/off, dry towels, all the sand!  Whew!  It wore us all out.  But SOOOO worth it!

Until next time! 


  1. Sounds like y'all had a wonderful week! Your photos are wonderful!!!

  2. The kids and I had fun looking at all the pics. Sophie kept saying, "What him daddy doing?" when we got to the ones of just you and Robert. I died!
    And you crack me up with your hairbow comment. I wouldn't have tried b/c keeping up with it would have stressed me out. Glad you had a great, and oil free, trip!


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