Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Husbands.

The Husbands.  The Men my sister and I chose to marry.  Forever.

Pretty sure that Forever part will be fun.  And funny.

Especially if their lives rest in hands of their father in law.  Behind a boat.  In a tube that is too small for them.  :-)

Hanging on for dear life.  Literally.

Oh, did I mention their both 30.  (Well, Robert in less than a month).

I guess if one of them was gonna go, Mac would make sure they would go together.

Brotherly-in-law love.

Their crazy.  And ironically in a crazy 8 double tube.

We all know Robert has a soft side.  But Mac does too.  He does have one little fur daugher.  Her name is Audrey.  And she is spoiled rotten.  By Mac. with these husbands will surely be exciting!

Then the wives went for a spin.  Dad went slightly easier on us than them.  He didn't want to hurt us.  :-)

(taken with my point and shoot by Robert)

We tried to tube do you think we did? ;P

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