Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our Daddy's Day

It was like...a million degrees on Father's Day this year - MELTING - and it's only June.  So we tried to cool things off courtesy of one of Lillian's birthday gifts.

The kids played!

Rhodes wasn't a fan of the water.  I think it was a bit cold for him.

But he's always a fan of eating.  Look at his little folded fingers!  Too cute!

And hangin' out half nekid.

With some sister love.

I guess golf was on Robert's mind because he had the U.S. Open on all day.  Scratch that - weekend.

So he dug a hold and played a little chipping game with Landon.  I got in on the action a little, but was NOT good. 

We snacked and played. 

Robert and I sipped on "lemonade".  ;-)

It was a nice relaxing Father's Day.  Especially after the crazy weekend before!

Happy Father's Day Robert! You're a GREAT Father!! To many more!

We Love You!

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