Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beach: Day 1

More pictures and a little less wordy!!  We're having a blast!

The boy who wouldn't swim....now boogie boards like he's been doing it for years!

Rhodes is doing better!  We just let him crawl around on the sand and a towel.  He seemed to like that much better.  But tomorrow, we'll have another pack n play that we'll keep down at the beach for him!

This was Lillian's potty.  Literally.  She wouldn't go "teetee with the fishes" so she just found her own way. 

At one point I just grabbed our high chair for Rhodes and stuck him in it by the pool.  Here he is enjoying a nice Zoe's chicken salad sandwich!!  He LOVES their chicken salad!!  So soft and yummy for him.

Looks like we have another beautiful day here!  We about to head on down to the beach!  Landon grabbed the skim board....who knows, he may teach himself a new trick today. 


  1. so cute! and way to go landon! just a few weeks ago sophie was terrified of the water and would have a death grip on whoever was holding her. now she swims (with a life jacket) "all by my-felf!!" and is as proud of her as i am.

  2. That looks SO fun and amazing!


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