Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Treehouse PART 1

We have a great backyard. That was one of the very appealing things about this house for us. Fenced in, BIG, shaded a good bit, and lots of room for outdoor things. But it's been a little lonely over the past year. Until one day, our neighbor who has older kids said "If you can get it out of the ground, you can have it!" She was talking about a wooden playground/swingset in her back yard. It didn't have ALL the bells and whistles but we were mostly interested in all the lumber we could use!! It also had a ladder and monkey bars.

Well, Robert took it down one day and this weekend, finally got to start building something in our back yard. He doesn't really know where he's going with it yet. I'm sure it'll have many phases. But the kids CAN'T WAIT!! I can't wait either....anything that gets them playing outside sounds GLORIOUS! :-)

Hopefully it'll turn into a sort of fort/hideout for them to stir up all sorts of imaginative adventures! I like that it is actually built into a tree - a real treehouse!!

It's really a win-win situation for everyone. Robert gets to be all "manly manly" and use his tools. The kids get a new something to play with. And I get to force send them outside to play in it!! hehehe

I'll keep posting updates as it comes along! Yay for crafty husbands!!!


  1. How fun! Tell Robert we'll be there to enjoy it soon, so he better get a move on! ;D

  2. Yay you!!! I know how much better it is when there is a playground in the yard!! :) Happy Happy Happy for you guys!! Can't wait until it is finished! Go Robert Go!!

    I was just thinking it seems like months since we've visited. I know it hasn't been but.. hope you are all doing well!!!

  3. How wonderful! I can't wait to see the progress of the treehouse. I am sure that the kids will LOVE it!


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