Monday, December 10, 2007

So...we have a "pet"

We had a long fun weekend. Needless to say, I had a lot of catching up to do today! Including around 7 loads of laundry! AHHHHH...I was behind a bit! So around the 3rd load or so, I went down to the basement to start another load. But this time, I JUMPED!!! I just wasn't expecting it - but it was a sweet green lizard keeping watch over my dryer. So..........I decide to catch it for the kids. I figured it would keep them occupied for at LEAST a day or so!!!

I caught it and put it in one of Robert's coolers I found in the basement! I was actually kinda excited about telling them about it when they woke up from their nap! I wouldn't let them bring home the turtle from the lake...but I can handle a lizard for a few days. Then OF COURSE we'll let it go "back to it's parents" in a day or two!! hehehhehe

Well, they were THRILLED to have a new "pet". Landon wouldn't go near it. But I found something for them to keep it in - V8 Splash bottle that I cut holes in!

They named him "Hunter"...or "Ham"...or "Ella" have a few names......they couldn't decide.

See it in the bottom of the bottle??

Olivia was VERY concerned about him...she even came back out around 9:30 PM to check on him. I think she was a little worried about it getting loose in the house!! :-) I think we'll reunite him with his family tomorrow!! :-)


  1. You're such a cool mom!!! :)

  2. You are brave! I would have flipped out!
    I love the new picture of the kids! They are all so beautiful!


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