Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Since I was 5 years old my Dad's family has gone to THE Club (looking out over the city!) for his birthday and Christmas every year. It's such a fun time...we all get dressed up, take pictures, eat good, and DANCE!! Of course Robert and I treat it like a date night...might as well get as much as we can out of the babysitter, huh! (Thanks Kendall!)

Happy Birthday Dad! I love you!

My grandparents are still a huge part of our family! We are so blessed to still have them in our lives! When we are all together, there are FOUR generations present! How may people can say that! I am so thankful that my kids know their GREAT-Grand parents! I cherish the times that my kids get to spend with them! It is valuable beyond their precious comprehension! My grandparents pray for all of us EVERY day! It would be an honor to compare my relationship with the Lord and my relationship with my husband to theirs one day...they are truly an example to us all!!

Yes, my DEAR sister...that another post in itself!!!

These dove have been here since we were little! And we have our picture taken with them every year!!

We always look forward to this night during December! I hope it will last many more years! The whole family is really hard to get together - here we are missing about six - not counting the six great-grand kids!

Thank you so much Mimi and Poppop for keeping our traditions going for so long! I hope there are still many more to come!!


  1. How fun!
    You all looked beautiful. :)

  2. You are so beautiful!!! I know that already but you really look great in these pictures!! You and your sister could be twins!! How close are you in age??

    Loved the Santa post! Too cute with Lillian and Landon checking him out! :)


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