Monday, December 3, 2007

Let's Back up a Little

Before I start posting all the fun things were are doing during December, I guess I'll share a few pictures from Thanksgiving!

Here are my sweet little turkeys! (not my mom of course!) :-)

We could only get Landon to wear it for a second!!

Then it was off to Lake Martin where the kids did a lot of flipping!!

I have no idea how they came up with this game but it lasted a while! Then Mac (brother-in-law) started flipping Robert....great idea!! :: sense the sarcasm ::

But he didn't land on his feet!!! ;-)

So then Robert started flipping Mac! These "kids games" always turn in something more when you get the two husbands together...I don't know what it is.....

They got so into it, and the kids had just as much fun watching them!!

For Saturday lunch, we fried a turkey!!!

YUMMO!!! It was so tasty! We got a little carried away when we had the fryer out - we started frying anything we could find!! We couldn't do sweet stuff because it would have tasted like the seasonings on the turkey but we tried to fry mashed potatoes (tasted like hash browns) and we threw in crescent rolls too! They were pretty good - with a little powdered sugar on top they would have been funnel cakes!

Then that night we fried pickles, Wickles, sweet potatoes (then put cinnamon and sugar on them)and regular potatoes!

Our tummies were feelin' it the next day - but it was fun!

We topped the weekend off with a little skeet shooting competition and then headed home to recuperate!!! And it took me all of a WEEK!!!

Now, whew, it's time for CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!


  1. Your family has so much fun together. I love it!

  2. You to scared to put the skeet shooting video up this time? Cuz I creamed you in the competition!!! :)


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