Thursday, December 20, 2007

Still Goin' Strong!!!

We had our trip to Brusters Dairy Queen (BTW as I type this, I heard an ornament fall and break - due to kids standing on chairs reaching up for the "nice" ornaments! - this is why I don't have a "nice" house yet!)

Ok, I'm back from vacuuming up poor round Santa ornament. Where was I, Ok....Landon stayed dry all day and even did #2 in the potty! All day today he's been dry - we had a little accident but I think it was more my fault. We also went out and about and he went to the bathroom in Target!!!

He stayed dry during nap!! This morning I decided to do a "Potty Chart" and every time he tee-teed on the potty he got to put a sticker on it. As of 6:23 PM, there are SIXTEEN stickers on the chart! Are you KIDDING ME!! He's peed SIXTEEN times in the last 11 hours!! GOOD NIGHT!

Well, I'm thrilled that he cares. He is even starting to go into the bathroom by himself!! PRAISE GOD!! Seriously, I've been waiting for this to kick in. Hopefully, this crazy next 6 days won't mess him up too bad!

YAY Landon!!

P.S. My kids have lost their minds as of right now. They've been going CRAZY all day - running and throwing things...getting into things they know they shouldn't - RUNNING like crazy people through the house......They are going BAZURKO (i.e. - their brains have fallen out of their heads!!) (If that's even a word) Thus begins......................dun...dun...dun....the Christmas MADNESS!! No, seriously, I'm looking forward to it all...they're really excited, and I know that I'll just have to take a few days to recuperate!!

Ok, off to put the kids to bed........LITERALLY!!!!


  1. Way to go, Landon!!! Pretty soon you'll only have one in diapers! :) You are cracking me up right now with the Christmas chaos. I am trying not to stress about the fact that our nice little schedule is pretty much being chunked out of the window in about 48 hours. It's all fun though, huh!

  2. What are you talking about woman! You have a very nice house!!

    Go Landon! He's a big boy. Now only one baby in the house! Everyone is growing up so fast.

  3. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!


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