Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Farewell to the Lizard

I should have been cleaning, ironing, washing something, mopping or addressing Christmas cards. But I just couldn't. It's WAY too beautiful outside! 80 degrees in December?!?! So we packed up food, a blanket, and 2 bikes and headed to the park. It was great - I think I even got a little sunburned. We had the park to ourselves for a while. We were there for 2 hours - I'm not sure if I've ever stayed at a park that long by myself.

We took Ham, or Hunter, or Ella...whatever....and let it go back into the world! :-) It wasn't hard at all for them to set it off. We watched him climb back up the tree! I'm just glad it made it through the night.

The even waved it goodbye!

Then we PLAYED!!

The rode their bikes all the way down this huge sidewalk - Olivia was FLYING! Landon played a little safer!

Lillian hung out on the blanket trying to pick up cheerios the whole time! She was so happy being outside! Gotta take advantage of this beautiful weather!!!!


  1. NOOO I want it to be cold for Christmas!!! Go away warm weather!

  2. Look at Lillian...dressed to impress at the park. Your kids are always stylin'!

  3. I love those rolls on Lillians arms! She's precious!

  4. I love those rolls on Lillians arms! She's precious!

  5. So fun! I am ready for the cooler weather to return! HC is begging for snow! :( Oh well!

    Glad you had a fun day!


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