Monday, December 3, 2007

Got the Sewing Itch Again

I love sewing! I used to sew clothes for myself in high school. I even hand embroidered a pair of jeans in junior high! I used my graduation money and bought a sewing maching! (How many high school seniors do that!)

This past summer I decided to put my self taught skills to the test! I had so much fun sewing dresses for Olivia and John Johns for Landon!

But then Lillian came along and I put everything on hold! And then I saw Morningsong stitching up some new super cute things!

I haven't made anything for Lillian yet. And my kids don't really need any clothing. I'm SUPER BLESSED with a mother-in-law that works at a CUTE kids boutique in Jackson, MS and has been wanting to open up her own store! I'm so glad my mother-in-law loves the same kind of kids clothes I do!! :-)

Lillian is set for life being Olivia's little sister! I can't wait for her to get big enough to wear all the cute clothes!!

But I just though I'd see if I had a pattern that could possibly work for Lillian! I scrounged up some old fabric and made up a pattern!

I drew on the fabric the leg extensions to make it longer in the legs.

Here it is with NO buttons in the crotch and then I would cinch the leg openings where the eyelet is with elastic! I think the shoulder straps could be a little thinner - but hey, I did this in less than an hour and adjusted it as I went!!

I think it could be pretty cute? With a long sleeve shirt underneath?? Now, I don't think the fabric works for winter, but like I said, these were scraps!

Now, if I could only get my hands on some winter fabric and make matching outfits for ALL of them with their names on it!!! :-) AHHHHH.......I could go crazy if I had the time and $$$!!!!


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