Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Eve Take 1

We had three places to hit up Christmas Eve. We had to cram them all in because there was no other day for us to see anyone! Robert went into work at 6:00 am to hopefully be off around lunch time. I got up and just started getting ready for the long day ahead!

First up, my mom's parents!

This is my immediate family!

We opened presents and ate really good!! YUM YUM!

The kids got these plasma cars.....that I think the son-in-laws enjoyed more than they did - more on THAT later!! hehehe

More toys to ride down the driveway!! Which means....they have to go OUTSIDE!! YAY!

The kids also got flashlights - which they LOVED!! It's so funny how the simplest toys can be the most fun! They've been looking at shadows and closing themselves in closets just to turn them on!

Our old video camera broke Christmas Eve...our newer one is being fixed and we couldn't get it back in time. So unfortunately, we aren't going to have many videos of this Christmas like the previous years. I'm hoping the camera store can at least get what I had already videoed off the tapes onto DVDs!

Robert and I both got some clothes and some great festive coffee mugs that are also big enough to eat soup out of! And we had some Santa Fe soup Christmas Day! Thanks Aunt Kathy!

We love you BB and Sugar! I'm glad we figured out a way to see everyone this year! Thank you for all of our presents!!

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