Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Eve Take 2

Back to Christmas Eve. After lunch we went to my parent's house for our Christmas. We put the kids down for a nap and got to have some "adult time". We had a little sharing time like we do every year. Dad told a great story about how God is always in control, even when things seem like they couldn't get any worse!

Then to PRESENTS!!

I got this awesome portable mini photo printer! So now I'll actually get some pictures off my computer! My brother gave me the softest robe EVER - I have it on in the pic! :-)

Robert got some tools....

And a pink wait....that's Olivia's!! Oh yeah, onto the kiddos!!

So we knew Landon was getting some train stuff for Christmas, so we thought a train table would be awesome for him! My grandfather BUILT one for him. It is absolutely beautiful!

He also made 2 drawers that are on wheels that go underneath to hold everything! WOW, Poppop you are truly amazing! We've cleared out a spot in his room for it! He loves it!

Olivia got a Radio Flyer scooter - which I don't have a picture of - but she's been enjoying riding it around outside. It's great because it has training wheels on it and she can really ride it and not fall over! And of course, so can Landon!

They also got some books and Olivia got a cute suitcase - perfect to take when spending the night out!! :-)

Thanks Mom and Dad!! We love you!!

Notice the CUTE outfits, thanks to my mother-in-law, who is AWESOME at picking out cute kids clothes! And she know I love to match them - Olivia and Lillian's match!! :-) She really has a knack for kids clothes!! Thanks Mimi and Poppy!


  1. Great posts Lindsay...I love you


  2. Love the train table and the adorable outfits! Looks like all of you had a great Christmas!!! I'm so glad. :D
    Lillian is such a doll! Way to go sleeping all night!!! That's awesome!
    I hope we can get together sometime soon. Have a great weekend. =D


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