Friday, December 14, 2007

It's Fun to Have a Daughter!

This is what is so fun about having a girl! I love that she like her toenails painted. I love that she lets me flat iron and play with her hair. I love that she wants to put sparkly lotion on after her shower. I love that she has fun playing in my makeup! I love it that she loves going shopping with me! I love that she likes wearing dresses and bows! She's like my real life baby doll! :-)

When my sister was in town last weekend, the girls (my mom, sister, Olivia and I) all jumped in the car to go and get pedicures! Olivia sat at my feet intensely watching the lady do my toenails. Then she got to get her own done. She picked out a beautiful pink color!

It'll really be fun when Lillian is old enough! Just some things to look forward to enjoying with my daughters one day! I can't wait!


  1. How fun!!! Earlier this summer my Mom took HC and I. HC giggled the entire time!! She was more than thrilled to have her toes done. She felt so big and she talked about it for months after. We haven't been back since!

    I agree!! Girls are fun!

    Sometimes I think I misunderstand what boys find fun. Lately hubby has been out more than usual and today JB has been throwing and crashing his toys like crazy. I asked hubby is this normal?? Is this a boy thing or do we have something to worry about. He laughed. He said, boys DO like crashing their toys! I don't get it! ha ha I still tell him not to abuse his toys, but I have lightened up too! :)


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