Thursday, December 6, 2007

Our Candy House

When I was growing up, every year we made a candy house. But not one completely from scratch. My grandfather made these wooden candy houses that we reused every year. Well, he made my family one a few years ago! And we've been making it every year with the special "7 minute frosting".

It's easy to go and buy $30 worth of candy (mistake we made last year) for something so small. This year, I pulled out food from the cabinet to help decorate! So we only spent a few dollars on this one!

I think Landon ate more candy than he put on! See him chowing down in the background!

Lillian just watched us....

So, we'll see how long it stays intact! Landon's already eaten part of the roof off. And last year our poodle would sneak pieces off too. Or we'd find a little smoothed out part where she had been licking down the icing! HA! Of course, I remember finding it hard to stay away from a CANDY HOUSE when I was little! It seemed so unfair to work on making it and then not be able to enjoy it! And here I am telling them the same thing...."we're not going to EAT this!"

So confusing! :-)


  1. Olivia is looking so grown up! Her hair looks adorable!

  2. Ya'll are such a precious family. I just love to see all that you do.
    Oh, and in the last picture, you look SO young. You look like you could be 15 or something! :)

  3. I remember making candy houses too! I can't wait until Bates is old enough to enjoy doing that! We have to set up another time to spend together with the kids or maybe we can go shopping one night without the kids!


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