Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Eve Take 3

Yes, we had one, well 2 more places to hit up if you count the Christmas Eve Candlelight service at church. It was AWESOME...the title was "All is Well". We took Olivia into the service with us, she did great and got to sing along to 'Oh Come All Ye Faithful' that she knew from school. She also got to hold a candle at the end!

Then we all went to my Dad's parent's house. This year was a first. We had EVERYONE there. It was my grand parents, their 3 kids and 3 spouses, 11 grandchildren, 6 spouses/fiances grandchildren, and 6 great-grand children!!! That's 31 people produced from 2 people who fell in love and followed Jesus!

We ate and talked and at the end we always light a candle and sing 'Silent Night'!

This year, since the great grand kids are getting a little older, on of my uncles decided to have a little fun with them and Santa!

Before we got there, he hid a walkie talkie above the fireplace. Then after everyone was there, he went back to the bathroom and started talking on it as if he were Santa!!

Olivia kept telling him, "If you just push a little, you can get down!!" He asked them what they wanted for Christmas and played around a little with them! He also told them to keep their rooms clean. And you better bet, as SOON as we got home, she started cleaning up her room!!!

She was so excited!

Fun with our 3rd cousins - though it feels more like 1st cousins!

We were exhausted by the time we got home...we crashed the next day. But it's all been worth it! Robert was a trooper and stayed up late to put things together! He let me get to bed! Apparently he was up late because one of Santa's toys was pretty complicated!



  1. It is clear you and Robert have been blessed with fun family! Don't take that lightly! What fun!

    I loved reading/watching about your adventures. Too fun!

    We just made it back last night from our Christmas runs. We had Christmas here, then Christmas in Houston and finally ended with Christmas in Baton Rouge. We left on Wednesday and arrived that night in Houston (12 hours thank you very much) and we were thrilled to arrive. Then it was off to BR and then back home for Sunday PM. WHew! But we too had much fun!


  2. LOVE the Santa in the chimney! Hilarious and SO much fun!!!


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