Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Not much going on over here!  We are just winding down the school year - 3 weeks left!  And as I plan our summer, I can't help but reminisce about this time last year.  I had just a few months left until Rhodes was born and was just trying to make it through the hot summer as best I could - pregnant with 3 little ones!  We made it....but those last few weeks were rough!

So I'm curious to see how this summer is different for us!  We are doing a few vacation bible schools - which will help me be able grocery shop and clean house with only 2 as opposed to 4.  And a 2 day a week for 3 weeks camp that the kids LOVE!  Things like that along with summer reading at the library, lake and beach trips, and park days help break up our week and keep us going!

I'm sure we will be a the pool a lot!  And that's where I hope pack n play training Rhodes will help out a lot!  Just hang out pool side with his toys!

Arm floaties will be my new best friend when it comes to Lillian at the pool.  She was not quite pool safe last year - see HERE, HERE and a video HERE.  But this year, she likes them and I will be able to actually sit down by the pool instead of being constantly arms length away from her at all times.  Who knows, she may be swimming all by herself by the end of the summer - my little fearless water baby!

Landon, well, he still plays it ultra safe on the wall of the pool.  But this year, I have confidence he will teach himself how to swim!  Just like he did with his bike!  This seems to be a trend with him, and with certain things, I will gladly let learn on his own!

But I'll be right there ready to "baywatch" it in the pool if needed.

For Olivia this summer, I'd be willing to bet she's going to be all about summer reading.  She loves being rewarded for things, and their incentives for reading are always fun at the library!  She will also being piano lessons this summer ending with a recital!  I'm super excited to see how she does.  I've worked with her some and she learns SUPER fast!  I think having her own teacher and lesson time will speed up her learning process!  Our piano will get lots of play summer! :-)

So we can't wait for summer!!!  Lots of fun to look forward too! 

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  1. They are SO precious! Sounds like y'all will have a fun and busy summer. :) I'm trying to fill up our schedule too. :) Baseball camp, VBS, park, zoo, lake, beach...check! Gotta keep busy.

    So did you end up getting a new camera? You're being so mysterious about it. ;) Your pictures are INCREDIBLE!


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