Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One On Three Time

One-on-one time is rare around here.  We try - but let's face it, it's tough.  It's usually comes down to one-on-two time, or one-on-three time.

Robert had a little one-on-three time the other day.  With a little hands on help from Landon, and a quite entertained twosome watching on.

I woke up from a nap to sawing in the driveway.  Lovely, I know.  So we decide to join Robert outside.

Landon is quite proficient with power tools.  Supervised of course.

He's going to be quite the little handy man one day!  (We're training him well...line your daughters up now!) ;-)

These two hung out in the new double stroller I got.  Off the side of the road!  Well, some people didn't want it anymore and were just going to throw it away!  So I whipped right in the driveway and asked them about it.  They said please take it!  I did.  It has some wear and tear but after blowing up the tires, it's perfect!

And now I can walk with all 4 children - with one other adult, like my sis or mom!  And it's a WORKOUT pushing 65-70 lbs up some of these hills around here!

Power sanding - OH YEAH!

And this is why having more than one child is easier than having one:

They got each others backs!!  Helping a brother out...so sweet.

Well, helping him until he starts to do it himself!  ;-)

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  1. I'm lovin' it! :)

    From Robert working with Landon to the babies in the stroller...so fun! And nice score with the stroller. I love a good side of the road find!


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