Thursday, May 27, 2010

Did You Know I Live Nextdoor To A Celebrity?

Ok, we're not next door neighbors, but we live close.  For real!!  And everyone who's reading this that is from around my neck of the woods knows who. :-)

She lives very close to my parents and just behind the house I grew up in when I was little!  She even goes to AND sometimes sings at our church!

Wanna know who?  :-)

Mrs. Sara Evans - who married Mr. Jay Barker - a pretty famous Alabama football star!

Yep.  Them and their SEVEN children!  Bet their house is crazy.

Anywho, we attended a fundraiser for the Christ Health Center that our church is partnered with (I think, I don't want to say the wrong thing - I know they provide the building for it).

It was GREAT!  The event was held at a local farm, well not really, we drove 45 minutes to get there.

The farm was BEAUTIFUL!  They grow their own herbs and makes their own oils and lotions.  They even have chickens and turkeys, horses and goats!

We took the two older children and just let them run free!  The ice cream truck was there with FREE ice cream.  No telling how much Landon ate.

We got to check out the horses....

And eat ice cream galore!

There were 4 musical guests with Sara wrapping the whole thing up! 

I have to say she was a great performer.  She told little stories in between songs.  Told us about her new album coming out in the fall (I think).  Sang some of her songs and even some covers. 

She seemed very down to earth and I would totally go see her again!

Do YOU live near anyone famous?!?


  1. only if you consider NASCAR drivers famous! ha there are a couple of NFL players around, too.
    i love that landon doesn't even waste time with a spoon! ha

  2. Attorney General Mukasey used to live next door to us (literally), but we lost our neighbor when Obama came into office. The current AG lives in the building across from ours.

    Not quite as glamorous as a big time singer! ;)

  3. We don't live near anyone famous!

    I like Sara Evans a lot...though I will confess that there's one line in "Suds in the Bucket" that drives me crazy...I just can't ever bring myself to say 'her momma's heart was broke'. It's Brok-EN!

  4. I live 2 blocks from one of Oprah's homes. Well, maybe, everyone keeps saying she lives there. I know lots of rich famous people live in that building, but I'm not quite sure if I buy that Oprah has a residence there...

  5. So funny that you posted this because after I read it - I saw them at Zoe's in Crestline eating.... such a small world.

    Hope you and the kids are doing good!

  6. Harrison Ford lives south of Jackson. He shops at the grocery store where I used to work. And Dick Chenney, and Travis Rice (pro snowboarder)... I'm sure there are a few more famous people who live in Jackson Hole


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