Friday, May 7, 2010

She Has Her Own Way Of Wearing Things

So I told you Lillian loves her new flip flops.  A lot.  As soon as I finished them the other day, she put them on and marched outside to ride her bike.  Can't you just picture her marching her little prissy self down the driveway!?  Pink outfit, pink shoes, pink bow, and her pink minnie mouse cup.  She was all ready!

Hopped up on her ride.  And about to peddle away.  Or rather, have me hunch over and push her around and around the driveway!  I look down......

....and I see this:

Shoes on wrong feet and the thong of the flip flop between the wrong toes.  And a much needed toenail polish touch up asap!

All righty then.  That looks comfy!

Like I was going to tell her to change it! 

I'm just glad she's able to put her own shoes on without help!

The other foot:

Side note: that's one of the outfits I razored out the monogram and remonogrammed!  It turned out great despite the other monogram had been in for years!

While she was on her high horse, we realized the tires were very low.  Can't learn to ride with flat tires now, can we.

Sweet (and very handy) Landon came over to check the pressure in them for her.

Then we got the air pump and filled them up!! 

She such a mess - a cute mess.  And she continued to wear her flip flops like that the rest of the time outside!

To each their own, I guess.

And oh, hi there!  As awful as self portraits are, I realized that I'm not going to exist in ANY pictures unless I start snapping more of them.  Looking through my scrapbooks recently, I realized that my mother was hardly in any pictures!  So I'm breaking the cycle NOW!

Or someone else in my family is going to have to learn to work my camera - in manual mode! ;-)


  1. sophie wears hers the same way! looks so painful! i love that little handy man. he's so cute! he might need to come check some tires at our house.

  2. They are too cute. I feel the same way about no pics of me! If anything happens to me while the kids are young, they will only remember my voice, since I'm always the one behind the video camera! Your pic is cute though.

  3. She is so sweet! Last night Graham had her and Reese sitting in his lap and she was trying to show her how to blow a balloon up. They were both cracking up at each other. So funny!

  4. hi lindsay! i'm a blog reader from MS (i'm an import though, i'm really a bama girl :) anyway, i just got a new dslr and i really, really need help. i've read the manual through twice but it's like greek. anyway, i'm crazy about taking pictures but have NO clue where to start. any advice??


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