Thursday, May 6, 2010

Flip Flop Fun

This is such an easy way to spruce up kids $2.50 flip flops from Walmart.  Which, by the way (and on a completely different note), couponing has kept me out of Walmart for a while now.  Which is one huge incentive for me to keep up with my coupons!  You get used to wonderful customer service, friendly employees, and a clean store like Publix, that going back to Walmart was like culture shock for me!  Hope it's a while before I go back there again - I think I'll clip some more coupons this morning! ;-)

Back to the flops - the ribbon was $1.97 and I have some left over.  Maybe for a hair bow?

I first made the two bows the way I talked about HERE.  Then I took some wire and secured the bow to the flip flop.


Then I took some pink scrap ribbon and covered the wire using a hot glue gun!  Love my mini hot glue gun - I got it for like 4 bucks a couple of years ago!

And there ya go!  Cute flip flops for under $4!

And now I'll show you just how dirty my floors apparently are.  ;-)

Then I decided to get all crazy and make Lillian a pair!!  She LOVES them.  These flip flops were from Target!  It was a little more difficult to get these bows on.  I had to actually sew them to the top.  But I think they turned out so cute! 

So go get crafty!  (And you really don't even have to be that crafty to do this super easy and cute tweak!)


  1. Cute, cute, cute!

    Love the pic of the floors. I let Little Bit down to squirm on the kitchen floor this morning...had to change her clothes. Not even sure the dirt and grime will wash out! :)

  2. cute...that makes me want to go add bows to my daughter's flip-flops right this very minute...especially some $1 flops we got at target.
    thanks for sharing!

    firty floors? what dirty floors? i didn't see any dirt on the floor!

  3. LOVE.THESE!!! I may be making some for Ansley very soon! :)


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