Monday, May 24, 2010

Let The Lake Games Begin

I'm too tired to edit and play with any photos from this weekend at the lake - my photo energy was all spent on processing these photos from RAW to jpg. And because I have a raging sinus headache!  Thank goodness for neti pots!

So here's part of our weekend at the lake!

I took the kids (all by myself, thank you very much) to the lake this weekend. My parents were there of course, but Robert had to stay home. :-(

We ate and lounged.

And WORKED!  We all have to pull our weight around here.  And the new fun toy du jour was a new double tube!  And the kids  pumped most of it up!  Yay for teamwork!

Rhodes even gave it a try.

Speaking of Rhodes, he is a full force mobile baby now!  Last weekend I even found him standing at one of his toys.  In which I yelled, "Did someone stand him up or did he just pull up himself?!@?"

Then I sat him down and watched him do it again.  Then he did the splits and couldn't figure out how to get of of his predicament.  So I finally helped him out and sat him down.

He's trying to figure out the stairs now (we have a sunken-in living room with 1 step).   Should make for some fun bumps and bruises!

Have I ever mentioned how flexible my children are.  Here's Lillian doing her own yoga when she was his age. 

Rhodes scholar....right here.  :-)

Landon had a, I mean gigantic, blow our socks off, who is this child, break through this weekend at the lake!  He swam all by himself! (lifejacket of course)  For the past few years, he hasn't wanted to jump in the water let alone be on a float in the water.

Well, wires crossed and he was jumping in, swimming next door, twirling off the trampoline into the water, and sliding head first in the water off the slide.

We were all super excited for him.  When we asked why, he just said, "I just got used to it!"

Well, ok then!  Only took 3 years.

We all shared in his joy and bravery to finally jump in the lake!!!

Some more tomorrow! ;-)


  1. LOVED seeing you on the dock! ;-)

  2. how fun! we are headed there later this week and will be there all week. yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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