Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Fun

This weekend we got to celebrate birthdays for a couple of pretty cool 2 year olds!  Along with some GREAT friends!

I took advantage of the great light and good subjects to play around with my new fingers aren't quite as fast yet, but getting better!!

Here's the whole clan...less a few...we were completely out number kids to adults.

I think all the adults took on "zones" and just turned on autopilot!

Here's birthday boy #1.  Cupcakes...YUM!

And birthday girl #2!!

Now I have to include pic of my kiddos..... :-)  Little Miss Clingy this night....notice my toes....LOVE me some spa pedicures.  And especially the hubby that watched ALL the kids so I could sneak off alone!

Then there is the stud of them all.  I mean seriously y'all, he's gonna be a catch.  He will know girls like the back of his hand - with as much as he has to be around them!  And a gentleman he is!

Not to be outdone....Rhodes takes his place as Simba.  "Hakuna matata...what a wonderful phrase."

Did you know my kids still haven't seen The Lion King?  It's in the vault or it's hard to find. 

And birthday girl #2 (we'll call her AB) LOVES Rhodes.  Like, loves.  This was probably the highlight of her get her sweet little hands on baby Rhodes!

Here's birthday boy #1's little sis.....AR!  Love those big blue eyes!

Rhodes hung out.  As usual.  In this neat contraption hammock thingy.  It was comfy.

And since we've seemed to skip spring here where we live, the sprinklers and hoses were in full force - cooling everyone off from the hot temps!


Love.... :-) 

We had so much fun celebrating these 2 sweet kiddos! 

Until the next birthfest!!! Can't wait - Lillian's 3rd birthday is only weeks away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. looks like so much fun and makes me want to go back to being a kid!!! what is the new camera you got? do you like it?? and in the last shot it totally looks like Lillian could just flop backwards out of the chair. i can already tell I am going to be a nervous mommy!!! ha

  2. how funny, i know some of those in the pic! amber was in my brother's class growing up (sweet, sweet family!!) and i think that was andrew on the far right? when i left samford and friend gave me two names of people i had to meet. i lost the list in the move, but andrew was one of those people. we ended up sitting next to each other in class and later found out he was one of those two people. such a nice guy. and great pics you took!!! it looks like it was a blast being there. i love having great friends! : ) oh and you must dish about new camera!

  3. What a fun time together! I see a sweet friend in there I haven't talked to in years!!! ML. Please tell her I said "hi!"

  4. Hello, I just found your blog a few weeks ago while on a long blog rabbit trail journey - if you know what I mean. I love the close ups of your kids and their eyes! So are these birthday pictures of your extended family? We have quite an extended family ourselves on both sides - aunts, uncles, cousins - that we get together with on a regular basis for birthdays and such. It's a lot of fun. So when I saw your group picture I was interested. I posted pics on my blog the other day of my Dad's birthday with his 15 (almost 16) grandkids. Fun get-togethers! Anyway, just dropping by.
    (p.s. I think I'm about ready for a pedicure myself - maybe my husband will watch our five kids while I go...)


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