Thursday, May 20, 2010

Last School Hurrah

We had our end of school party/picnic the other day.  We all pack up and head to the park for lots of fun.  Even though our school is small, there is no shortage of friends to play with when we all get together!

Landon and Olivia were all over the place!  Landon doing boyish things like playing in the water fountain until soaked.

This is about the only time Olivia sat still.  Then it was off to find friends!  I did get some pictures of the kids with their friends, but hesitant to post them since I don't know how their parents feel about their kids faces being splashed on the internet.

Instead of lounging around talking with other parents about who knows what, most of my time was spend toting Little Man around and following this little Free Spirit all over this ungated park.  (Which is now my biggest fear when I'm solo with The Four - ungated parks)

We ran.  And played.


Got so worn out that she took an awesome nap!

Rhodes wanted to go and play so bad.....soon baby!  Soon!

I even got in front of the camera!  Thanks Elizabeth Ann!!

4 more days of school!!!! YAHOO!!!


  1. all these pictures are adorable, but that last one is so sweet!

  2. precious blog!! Love it!! XO KJ
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