Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Let's See...

Here's a few random updates about things. Our weeks have been SUPER packed and I'm UNBELIEVABLY tired lately.

1) Robert's still working as a consultant for a company here in town. He's still praying for clarity in which direction to go with concerning his job. He's also still staying busy with a few side painting jobs. I'm very proud of him and know that where ever God leads him will be awesome. But it's still a little scary - especially with baby on the way. The last thing I want (selfish, huh) is to have 2 big life changes in the fall - new job and baby. But I know everything will be just fine.

2) The kids are VBSin' again this week. Thank you Lord for VBS and all those wonderful volunteers!! It has been really nice to have a mini "break". Because I'll be working out the one at our church in a few weeks!!

3) I had a doctor's appointment earlier this week. It had been over 5 weeks since I last went! ;-) Which is fine by me. It seems like you go ALL the time when you are pregnant. So the far and few between the better. I took my glucose test. Did you know that drink is equivalent to ONE CUP of sugar! I felt horrible afterward. I find out my results in a few days. I did NOT pass with Lillian and had to take the 3 hours - not fun. Oh, and the baby is measuring BIG (well not huge - we're not bound to have huge kids) and ahead of schedule!! YAY!!! :-) He even looked back at Lillian's chart to compare and we're a good bit ahead of where we were at this point with her! Again, it could mean NOTHING, but I have felt that this baby was bigger...don't know why, but I do. And it was nice the doc confirmed it a little for me.

I'm still feeling good - as good as can be for the third trimester now. Carrying Lillian around is getting painful and starting to mess with my right hip a little bit. I'm trying to teach her to walk and hold my hand but that takes FOREVER with her tiny little steps and she pretty much refuses to wear shoes - so I can't put her on the hot pavement.

Speaking of HOT, I don't go outside either. Yep, I announced it to the family the other day. You all can go out and play in the scorching sun, but mama's going to stay in the AC. It's all for the safety of the baby. We don't want to get overheated...ya know! :-)

4) We have 2 long lake weekends coming up! In which I will probably be spending most of my time IN the water or ON a moving boat. And lucky for all of us, Lillian will be strapped in a life jacket 99% of the time. Though I look forward to see how much she will enjoy the water at the lake after THIS.

5) Speaking of THIS...we figured out what we have to do with her at the pool when we're all swimming....

...strap every floatation device we could find in our garage on her. And it worked great! She floated perfectly...and was able to kick those little legs as fast as she could to get around! And then proceed to practically run off the end of the diving board without hesitation.

All righty! I think that's it!



  1. okay I am now officially in need of a nap after reading all that I am not even the pregnant one! What is in your coffee anyway?! Hope the glucose test comes out okay.

  2. 1 CUP of sugar?! sheesh!! no wonder people fail!!! you guys sure have been busy!!


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