Monday, June 22, 2009

We Had To Make Sure EVERYONE Knew

That our Daddy is #1!!

How you ask?

By writing it in shoe polish all over our car!!!

We got stares and honks all day yesterday!! It was so much fun to draw attention to how much we love our Daddy! He is the best, you know!

I planned on doing this a week or so ago. And Saturday, he and the kids worked SO hard at washing and cleaning all the cars. I felt bad knowing I couldn't talk him out of it - also knowing that the windows were going to be dirty the next day! But he didn't mind one bit!



  1. I totally saw the side of your van and had no idea that was you! That was so creative!

  2. great idea and so sweet. I need to do that next year! so cute

  3. That is such an awesome idea. I know he loved it.

  4. Oh we are so going to do that next year with our glass chalk from our chattanooga trip!

  5. CUTE!! I did that on my sister's car for her 30th birthday. She said that she got starred at and honked at all day! =) Love it!


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