Monday, June 15, 2009

Don't Know What I'm Going To Do With Her

I know, I know....MORE beach pics. There are just so many cute/funny ones that I want to share! I took somewhere in the neighborhood of 800-900 pictures this past week! So if you think about it, you're only really seeing a few! :-)

Let me start with Lillian. We all know she's fearless and independent. Well, she took it to a whole new level around water. Like I've said, Olivia loved the water and was a water baby. But Lillian....oh Lillian. I don't know what I'm going to do with her this summer in the pool! She is crazy relentless when it comes to jumping in.

And when I tell you she wouldn't stop or slow down...the only way to get her to stop was to take her back upstairs to the condo and strip off her bathing suit!

She must have done this 1,000 times! And did not tire.

She really though she could swim. Kicking her little heart out and holding her breath (really well too) trying to pry our hands off her little wiggling 4 ft deep water! She would even run down to the deep in (adult following in the water) and jump in!!!!!

Future Ole Miss cheerleader in training. She even tried to nose dive off his hand over and over again too!

She's going to give someone a heart attack before the summer's over.

Cutest little bottom! :-)

Daddy doc helping look for shells!

Whew...ok, I think that's enough beach pics.....maybe. :-)


  1. oh goodness! the deep end thing would scare me to death!

    what precious little ones!

  2. well thank you for the video! M&M has now decided if Lillian can dive in like that at 2 then she can at 5! Yeah!
    Love the pics, so not bored with getting to see all your fun. Maybe you should upload the others in a slideshow so we can see more!

  3. i would love to see more, they are all SO good!

  4. Keep the pictures coming! If I can't go to the beach at least I can live vicariously through you all. The kids are too precious and I love Lillian jumping in the pool with the it!

  5. What sweet pictures! Wow! Lillian is fearless! It made me nervous just watching her!! She is just too cute!

  6. that is hilarious.. she is so cute jumping off there.. i love that she was just gonna do it regardless.. made me laugh out loud.


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