Thursday, June 18, 2009

New 'Do, One Less, and Spoiled

Hello Friends! What a nice week it has been. I'll explain more later. :-)

First up...Lillian's sporting a new 'do lately. Finally, the girl has enough hair to do something with. I think it makes her look a lot older! What do you think?

I also think it fit her sassy attitude.

Next, Olivia lost her first front tooth!! Boy, once they start falling out, they don't stop!!!! We are losing teeth like crazy around here! The tooth fairy is very busy...she even "forgot" to come one time. Oop! ;-)

She talks a little funny, but it's so cute.

And lastly, Olivia and Landon have been in VBS from 9-12:00 all week long. (They are doing one next week too from 8:30-12!!!!!!) Can I tell you this is the first time EVER, I've had a consistent break from those two!? Don't get me wrong, I love having them around. It's quite boring around here without them. But it's been a nice refresher...especially with being pregnant. I don't do so much bending over and picking up a million things off the floor during the day. And the grocery store is a walk in the park with only Lillian. I've just gotten to slow down and enjoy the peace and quiet. And yes, going from 3 to 1 is peace and quiet. I'm getting quiet spoiled around here.

It's funny how busy you feel with one child - and you ARE!! I've been there. But then things slowly get busier with more and more children that going back to just one is a breeze!

But today, I'm going to work out and enjoy my "free time" baking cupcakes for Lillian's birthday!!! This spunky little girl turns 2 tomorrow! And to think, 2 years ago today I was in tears in my OB's office. Overdue and caring for 2 kids just pushed me over the edge! My oh my how emotinal we get when we're preggers.

I'm prayin' hard for an early delivery with this one...but AM NOT counting on it. My theory is plan on going to your due date, and then an early delivery is a nice surprise! It worked until I went 2 days past my due date last time. And I believe it's a complete myth that you go into labor earlier with each child! But I have some serious respect for women who go 1 week or so past their due date!!! They have some supernatural patience!!

This little one will be here soon enough. :-)


  1. yes, it definitely makes her look older! enjoy your 2 weeks of being spoiled!!!

  2. I, personally, am not opposed the "beg until they induce" method. Worked both times *wink*.

  3. I begged to be induced, but it didn't work... I went 11 days overdue with Wyatt. I thought I was going to die... and in the middle of July too. I wasn't dialating, so my Dr. wouldn't budge on the whole induction thing. The day before I was to be induced, he decided to come. So weird how that happens!

  4. ok from not wish this pregnancy away. It is hard to pregnant (for the fourth time, no less) but I must say, I actually miss being pregnant...the amazing feeling of your little one moving inside you. I am actually already getting the itch to do it again. ha! Trust will miss the days of he/she in your belly because when he/she finally arrives, there is no going back! lol. Four is a blast. i am so happy for you

  5. Our tooth fairy has "over scheduled" herself before too. She left a very nice note explaining that there were so many kids in Lucy's class who lost teeth that she over-looked our house. Then, her "partner" left $5 out of guilt, and the fact that it was the smallest bill in his wallet! The next time, Lucy was all, "I HOPE she forgets AGAIN!"

    Also, I have no idea how you went past your due-date! Three out of my four were early. Lucy was FIVE days late. She was my first so the doc wouldn't induce until she was a week late. That was MISERABLE. It was like, Christmas with no Santa!

  6. Lillian looks like a really big girl now! I remember the first ponytail moment and even took a picture I was so happy!
    I certainly hope the " subsequent child comes earlier than the last" isn't true in my case since my first was three weeks early and my second was five weeks early! We want one more in about four years and I can't imagine going earlier!


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