Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bump, 3, 2, 1

The weather predicted for this week is beautiful blue skies, mid 80's, and crystal clear water.

Jealous yet? Well, the beach owes a few good days after LAST TIME. Three days of tornados was ridiculous!

So we're just playing catch up!

Beach baby! She LOVES it!

Body Surfing - can you find him? Landon just started doing this on his own. We didn't tell him how to do it. Funny how he would hardly swim in a pool a couple of weeks ago but he'll body surf in the OCEAN!

Lillian LOVED boogie boarding! Shocker. This girl is a wild one! No fear.

Olivia jumped right back to catching all her clams!! She also already about 5 shades darker than she was 2 days ago! She's just browning right on up! Robert too.... ;-)

It was a busy, fun day! And it was only DAY 1!!! :-)

"Peace Out" - from Landon...it's his new thing to do in pics.


  1. Looks like it was a fun day! Glad the weather is cooperating!

  2. ok, love the pics...your children are BEAUTIFUL. but i really just have to know- WHERE ON EARTH DID YOU GET THAT DARLING MATERNITY SUIT????

  3. That first picture is SO adorable! You must frame it!!!

  4. OHHHH I'm so jealous!!! The beach looks perfect! Great pics!

  5. oooohh i miss the GULF!!!! {sob}
    its sooo gorgeous!!! enjoy the white sandy for me!!!!

  6. Hey Katie! That bathing suit is just a regular tankini!! I think it's from target last year!? :-)

  7. so cute, such a beautiful family and yes i am jealous!

  8. How many bars do you have? The first pic looks like a verizon commercial!
    I love how you are getting so many fam pics, they will be so priceless now and in the years to come!

  9. love all your beach pictures lindsay!!


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