Monday, June 15, 2009

I Thought About Sparing You

...more beach pictures, but I decided not to. :-) I'd have to many upset grand parents, great-grand parents, aunts, and uncles out there! :-)

After all these years of avoiding the unavoidable, we finally gave in and took the kids to.....dun dun dun....THE TRACK. You know the place with all the fun go carts, putt putt, and video games that charge you an arm and a leg to play on everything? Well, we went in the morning when it was 2 for 1. And it was perfect.

Ironically, Lillian loved all the rides the most. Olivia was kinda bored on them and Landon just wanted to play putt putt. And after a couple of holes of putt putt, Olivia was done and wanted to go play all the quarter games and win tickets! Which was fine withe me because they had the AC on about 60 inside!! ;-)

Yes, I sent my baby 20 some-odd feet up into the air in an airplane that spins around and goes up and down. I was a nervous wreck! But the workers assured me she'd be fine. And she was. And she loved it. Figures.

Landon was also big enough to ride with Robert on the big go carts. And LOVED it!!

Landon really impressed me in the few holes of putt putt that we played. Twice he was this close to a hole in one. But then made it in 2 strokes! Watch out Tiger!

So after we got THE TRACK visit out of the way, we were able to do more of this:

Well, sort of. There wasn't too much sitting still with kids at the beach. But every once in a while we got to relax! This pic's for you Rach! You asked! ;-)

It was such a fun trip! But we are so glad to be home! And thank goodness we CLEANED HOUSE before we left. And we've already unpacked and put away EVERYTHING - thanks to my hubby!

We start a busy week of VBS! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself without Olivia AND Landon! I'm sure I'll find some things to fill my enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet. Yes, I consider having only one child at home peace and quiet! My how things change! haha


  1. I love all your beach pictures and am glad you didn't "spare us!" The kids all look so precious as do you! Thanks for the belly shot :) Glad yall had such a fun week!

  2. Lindsay, I think you are almost darker than Olivia! Love the baby bump, too. Where did you guys stay? Love you came home to a clean house, it is so nice when that happens.

  3. How fun!!! You got some great shots! I can't wait to go myself. :)

  4. looks like a great trip! and wow, are you really pregnant? ;)

    lets get the kids together soon!!!

  5. looks like a fun trip! and are you really pregnant?? ;)

    lets get the kids together soon!


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