Thursday, February 28, 2008

You Know He's Nuts When He Gives Your Kids....

power tools...real...power play with. Leave it to my children's father to "set up shop" for them. Literally. Actually, it was a cute idea. Whenever Robert is working in the basement or outside, the kids are right there with him. He's always trying to fix something. He's actually quite good and can figure out how to fix anything. Whether it be to re-wire the telephone lines in the house, or fix a broken training wheel on a bike. He can do it. He's my dear "Mr. Fix-it".

Landon, of course, wants to do everything daddy does. What son doesn't. But Robert took it to a different level - at least for a three year old. He made a little make-shift workbench for him. Then put lots of screws and nails just barely in it so that he could drill and hammer them in himself.

Landon had a field day. LOVED IT! And it came so naturally for him.

Yes, that's a real drill the THREE year old is using - quite well, I might add.

Now he pulls them back out so he can screw them in again. I'd say there's about 15 screws in the piece of wood. But hey, whatever keeps him occupied.

When he was done, he even emphasized the need to put the drill up in order to take care of it. Hopefully teaching him to take care of his things. What a hard thing to teach children. We're constantly trying to teach the kids to take care of their toys/rooms, etc. We tell them that when they take good care of the things that we've given them that it makes us want to give them more. Olivia is definitely getting this concept lately.

The bigger picture being that our Heavenly Father wants to bless us. But we need to be good stewards of what he's already given us. Then He will entrust us with more blessings - hopefully to be used to glorify Him.

I guess we're starting small. :-)


  1. Those pictures of Landon using the drill and hammer are too precious! And, I LOVE your blog's new look! Hope yall are doing well - I'm calling you in the next couple of days because we have (belated) bday presents for Olivia and Landon I want to bring by! Hope to see yall soon :)

  2. I'm impressed! Could we borrow Landon? One of our cars is making a funny noise.

  3. so he looks soooo big! you know taylor and savannah are the same way...always got to be beside jeremy with project in mind. just wait until they come up with their own projects and know exactly how to execute!!!

  4. So fun! It's always great to see when they choose to take care of their things without our prompting and when they choose to obey rules. I love when it is their choice to do that! It's a big step towards respecting themselves and others!



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