Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mommy Moment

I confess. I have "those days" where my kids drive me up the wall. I love them with all my heart, but sometimes they make me loopy! Well, today was one of those days. Every little thing they did drove me insane. Luckily there weren't any meltdowns or I might have lost it.

BUT, when you have a moment like I had towards the end of the day, all those annoying things instantly melt away!

I pulled out some pots and pans for Lillian to play with while I prepared dinner. Well, she was shortly joined by her brother and sister. Before long, they were playing "drums" on all my bowls. I wish you could hear the ear piercing noise it was making. But they were happy, so I let them.

All the sudden, I hear, "Oh no, Mommy will you forgive me? I broke one of your spoons." (btw that's how LOUD they were playing them).

Wow, I hadn't even gotten seen the broken spoon or gotten upset and she was already asking my forgiveness. I told her yes and thanked her for acknowledging her mistake.

Then out of the blue Olivia said, "I just listened to God. He told me to ask you to forgive me. And I did!" :: heart melting ::

God knew I needed some encouragement today! Just to hear my sweet baby talk about listening to her Heavenly Father makes it all worth it. I love it when I have those "mommy moments". It really makes all the hard days or long nights insignificant. There's a bigger place out there for all of us one day!

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