Monday, February 18, 2008

More On Their Birthdays!

Since the weekend was also dedicated to the kids birthdays, we had some fun surprises for them! They got a fun birthday cake that they got to nibble on all weekend! YUM! We also planned a little scavenger hunt for them to find some more goodies!

We had little clues that sent them out and about outside! They got a movie, and Olivia got a kickstand for her bike!

Tackle boxes!

A game and puzzle!

A helmet for her bike and airplane!

And the nerf guns...a big hit! They loved them!

Then they had a pinata full of candy! They loved knocking all those goodies out!

We took a few naps in the hammock! Lillian loved that fresh air!

She took a really good nap with daddy Saturday afternoon! Lil even joined in that one!


  1. What a great time!!! I am feeling the need to hit Edward up for a lake trip! The McClellans are a fun bunch!

  2. SO FUN!!! Great ideas, guys!
    Love the hammock pictures. Lillian is so so precious, and you are so so fit! I may have to start stalking you now! ;D

  3. How refreshing! At least Lillian DID sleep for you on this trip! I know you were worried about that!

    What a fun time with family! I am sure memories were made.



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