Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sweet Sisters

My sister and I were 18 months apart growing up. It was rough in the teenage years, needless to say. So, Olivia and Lillian are 4 years apart. I'm so curious to see how the age difference compares to Lacey and me.

Tonight, I chose to bathe only Olivia and Lillian together. I also let them play longer than I normally do.

I'm so glad I did. It was so sweet. To see Olivia take care of her little sister was so sweet! She was so eager to bathe her and wash her hair. She made sure she didn't fall over and go under while trying to reach the toys. Olivia was so attentive to Lillian's lack of coordination in the bath tub.

I sometimes feel bad for Lillian that I am not as eager to let her play and splash in the bath water as I was with Olivia. These days, her baths are more like "Wham, bam thank you m'am!"
You long I get the job done!

But tonight, I let them stay in just about as long as they wanted to!

"You ready!?!?!"

"Water doesn't hurt! It washes the shampoo out!"

"Gotta wash your body off!"

"I think you need a little more scrubbing!"

"Maybe just a wee bit more!"

"Now we can splash and play!!"

"You learn so fast!"

Love the hair!

All clean...thanks to big sister Olivia!

Brother couldn't stay away for long. He knew he was missing out on a fun bath time.

Hey, a little water poured in the eyes doesn't hurt. She was probably burping all that up last night!



  1. Poor Landon... :(

    The other night HC wanted a bath alone. The first time she asked for that, so I obliged. JB was so exasperated! "I want to take a baf too Mom" He was brokenhearted! I can imagine if he was the only one left out he would feel totally mistreated! haha

    ON a different note, the picture of Olivia holding up Lillian - they do not look blood related in that one! haha It cracks me up! They look SOOO different to me! Both are beautiful! I love the spiked hair do!


  2. Landon had taken a bath with Robert already - so he wasn't totally left out!

    And I thought the same thing of that picture - uh, are you related!! Totally different! The gene pool is funny!

    BTW, love you sewing blog morningsong!

  3. So So cute!!! Lillian is getting so big!


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