Monday, February 18, 2008

We Made It....Barely!

Whew! What a fun weekend. We're exhausted, and a little sick, but it was all worth it!

For my brother's 21st birthday, he got a Nintendo Wii. And he was oh so generous enough to leave it at the lake all weekend for us to play with it. Ok, I wasn't sure how I was going to like this Nintendo. It drives me crazy when people just sit at the tv playing video games all day and night. But this is SO different. And REALLY fun. The kids could even play. All ages for this and highly recommended! We're all so sore from playing it too!

Helping them figure out what they're doing!

They're playing baseball....Olivia is pitching and Landon is swinging...and nailing some home runs too!

I'll have to post some more of the boxing game - it's hysterical! Two people just punching their arms at basically nothing but on the screen A LOT is happening! More on the Wii later! :-)


  1. I'm so glad you guys got to make it to the lake. Looks like ya'll had lots of fun! As for the Wii, every time we go to Ozark, Channing and my sister make a beeline for the Wii. Channing's favorite is the tennis game. They let me play a little but usually end up pushing me aside and hogging it! It's a great workout! :D

  2. What fun! My brother brought his Wii to my parents for Christmas and we had fun bowling and boxing. I forgot to take pictures but we had too much fun playing to worry about that! The kids were asleep and we were having adult fun! :)

    Glad y'all had a great time! You were missed!


  3. How much fun! I am glad you made it!!!

  4. the wii is attributed to many favorite is to watch two late 20-somethings duke it out in a boxing match. we were constantly reminding our husbands, "back up! you're getting too close to the tv!!!" i know y'all had a blast.

  5. Yes, we played the boxing too and I thought they were going to punch the TV! It's hysterical! I loved it!

  6. My mom got my dad one for Christmas and we spent all Christmas night after dinner playing it! I'm glad yall had fun!


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