Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Turning 5 has been very empowering for Olivia. I guess it was the first birthday where she actually realized she was growing up and getting older. Ever since her 'big day', she believes that she can do more than she did before her birthday. She actually feels more responsible for herself. She's been keeping her room super clean doing chores around the house without being asked! (Definitely a plus for me!) She's been memorizing verses with me, and keeping me accountable. All of which she attributes to "being 5 now!"

Well, we were outside playing this weekend and she was riding her bike. I told her that when I was 5 I learned to ride a bike without training wheels! So we took the training wheels off of her small bike and began to work on balancing with her. I was running behind her holding the seat and showing her how to pedal.

Robert had a better idea and that was to teach her to ride down the small slope in the grass so that if she fell, it wouldn't hurt as bad. What a great idea! She really gained her confidence doing it that way first. It wasn't but maybe an hour later that she was brave enough to try it on her own in the driveway!

Let me just say, I wasn't expecting her to learn this fast at all. She was hesitant at first and we had to earn her trust. But then, every time she went a little bit further, she kept saying, "I'm 5 now and I can ride I bike without training wheels!"

So...here are a couple of tiny clips of her riding! In one, Landon gives her a loving push-start!

She can now start and stop all by herself, even without getting some help from the hill in the driveway! WHAT A BIG GIRL!! I'm so proud she kept getting back up on that bike and not giving up until she had accomplished it!

I just think she looks so darn cute on that tiny bike! I can't believe my baby can ride a bike without training wheels!

She also had a very intelligent, handsome teacher!


  1. it's about time that i tell you how much i love reading about your adorable children...and the way God has captured your heart. you probably don't remember me but i think we went to church together growing up and lacey and i were adpi's together. anyway, i just wanted you to know that you have a faithful memphis reader in me!!
    katie (bromberg)

  2. Yes, Katie! I remember you! I also just found your blog and have enjoyed it! Your house is so cute! I hope those kids are treating you right!

  3. WOW, Olivia!!! Way to go!!
    Lindsay, I can't believe she is old enough to ride her bike without the training wheels! I'm amazed!

  4. WAY TO GO, OLIVIA!!! She is such an impressive little lady! =D

  5. I'm so impressed with Olivia! What a precious grown up little 5 year old!

  6. That is awesome! Go Olivia!!!


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