Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Not Done Yet

Boy, I have enjoyed playing around with my blogger template. I've always loved computers and they have always been pretty easy for me to understand. I think I programmed all of my college friends computers when I was at Ole Miss. I was the 'go-to' computer girl on my floor in the dorm. :-)

I knew that if I could just take the time to 'figure it out', I'd know what I was doing. Learning HTML is like learning a new language. But a few tutorials later, templates don't look like jibberish anymore. Surprisingly, they make a good bit of sense.

You've probably noticed my background, and columns, and header changing a bunch lately. It's not done yet. I'm just having fun exploring the infinite ways you can change your blog. It's SO fun. BUT, my awesome graphic designing sister and I are coming up with a cool header idea. Our brains are reeling with all the different options we have. Plus, she's fluent in photoshop and illustrator - two programs you need to know pretty well to create such fun designs. (I'd like to become more photoshop-savvy soon as well!)

Hopefully, between our two crazy brains, we can design something fun!

Keep tuning in for the final result...but for now, everything will probably look different day to day! ;-)


  1. LOVE the new background!! I think this is my favorite.
    I need a tutorial! :)

  2. hey there is a girl (maybe from Highlands) who is "pimping" blogspots for $$. You would be great! and when you get really good I want to hire you to do my website...i'm not kidding! it looks great...I too love this stuff but to afraid of html...i know i need to get over it! love ya

  3. Yes, people pay some good $$ for someone to design their blogs! I would love to take a course on web design - I'm really intrigued. Do you have the girls website who is 'pimping' blogs. I've come across a few but no one from Bham??


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