Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Olivia's 5th Birthday!!

I HAVE A FIVE YEAR OLD!!!! She can't be FIVE. I do not feel like I have been a mother for FIVE YEARS! It seems like yesterday that I was in Oxford, timing contractions to see if I was really in labor! She was born at noon and was 7 lbs and had a head full of dark hair!

I can't imagine life without Olivia! She is a precious gift from God and we love her so much! I look forward to watching her grow up and seeing what God has in store for her!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! We Love You So Much!!!

This year, instead of doing a huge birthday party for the kids (Landon's birthday is tomorrow) we are taking a mini vacation to the lake for some good old fashion family time! Robert is leading a financial small group at church, so needless to say, our budget is extremely important to us right now. And a huge birthday party + presents + two kids just didn't fit well in our budget this year. We just decided to pick what was most important to us - family - and make the most of it! But they are in for some FUN surprises when we get to the lake! More to come on that......

But here is the cake I baked for her yesterday! She wanted a pink poodle on it - like her webkinz named "Honey". (If you don't know what webkinz are - just google it!)

Ok, I am NOT a cake decorator. But I had fun trying to make hair with the little icing attachments you put into plastic bags, etc. You can't tell but the poodle's hair are little strings of icing - like a poodles curly hair! I actually kinda surprised myself. I am NOT artistic in any way! We'll dig into it tonight!! :-)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY,OLIVIA!!! I hope your day is EXTRA EXTRA great!!!
    Lindz, your cake looks fantastic! Great job! :)


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