Friday, February 22, 2008

I Messed Up...Bad

I am human. I make mistakes. Luckily this isn't a huge one. But my heart is heavy. Robert has been leading a financial small group. One about getting out of debt (house included) and getting your money to work for you, etc. We've been working so hard at our finances after a rough 2007. We had so many financial hits and we finally have our head above water and are making INCREDIBLE progress. It's truly amazing. Praise the Lord!

I should go ahead and say, that to put me in a cute clothing store, without kids, a 'credit' to the store, and a debit card...well, it's just plain dangerous. My blood starts flowing like crazy. Endorphins begin consuming my body and my brain falls out to the floor. I am incapable of making rational financial decisions.

I came out of the store that I was in having spent way more than I knew I should have. My reasoning to the sales girl was that I had to "see it on me at home". Oh, and the ENTIRE store was on sale. AHHHHHHH.

I knew it wouldn't be very long (29.5 hours to be exact) that Robert would ask me about it. I stumbled over my words for any excuse that would get me off the phone with him as fast as possible.

My wonderful, patient, understanding husband showed me such incredible grace and mercy. That doesn't excuse the fact that I messed up, but for some odd reason, it really showed me how much he loved me. He didn't yell at me or get so upset that I actually became happy with my mistake. His response instilled in me even more of a desire to follow our financial plan and goals he has set out for our family.

I blew it, and I'm sure I'll blow it again. But I'm learning. We're all works in progress.

I'm so glad our Heavenly Father is even more forgiving that our earthly soul mates. What a wonderful example Robert set for me today. Thank you babe! I love you and I'm sorry!


  1. Been there, done that. It's a terrible feeling. I messed up like that a couple of months ago and felt horrible. I cried and cried. Channing, like Robert, handled it with amazing grace. I learned my lesson and am on the road to recovery. ;D
    We are blessed to have such forgiving husbands and even more blessed to have such a forgiving Heavenly Father.

  2. ok my darlin daughter...this is the question ...did you return them? i know i taught you to buy from the places that let u return even sale,whats the word?

  3. You aren't alone! I do this type of stuff much more than I should! Thank God for forgiving husbands!! Mine has forgiven me way more than he should have to!

  4. I have done it and I still do it. Since I have gone back to work it has been way worse because I have been able to use the "Need new work clothes" excuse...when really I could have made it work, but thank goodness for amazing husbands! We are going through the same debt diet in 2008! We have to keep each other posted on our progresses! Can't wait to see you and the kids in April!

  5. good for you and robert! if you ever need encouragement in the "get out of debt" area, email me! when matt and i got married, we brought in more debt than our annual salaries combined...with hard, HARD work, our only debt now is our house. it is very hard, but so liberating. your children will benefit greatly from the peace it will bring to your marriage! i'm proud of y'all! :)


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